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Clivia - Massonia - Veltheimia - Daubenya - Lachenalia

Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain some of Australia’s rarest Clivias from a specialist breeder with 30+ years experience in Clivias.

Andrew Gibson - Group 2 Green/Yellow selection - Chameleon hybrids - European Peach - Pink - Yellow - Cream - Belgium hybrid - seedlings to specimen pots. Clivia Nirvana. Clivias hybrids with over 20 years breeding background.

Massonias - An explosion of Winter colour, shape and form, plants with perfumes - from subtle to delightful. From tiny to HUGE. Winter flowering, with fragrance, under snow - YES, we’ve got it!

Large flowered ground hugging plants for damp areas - YES, we’ve got it!

Releasing Daubenya zeyheri, Lachenalia purpureo-caerulea and Veltheimia ‘Lemon Flame’. Flowering size seedlings to specimen tubs - fairly priced. Here’s a list of things we’ll have available over the weekend!

Custom carry trays and reusable bags will also be available to help you manage your purchases. Plus, there’s a plant creche just nearby.

Cash welcomed, Credit card facility available for your spending convenience.

See us at Stand #15 - For a journey into the rare and unusual - collector’s heaven